What is Flourish Player?

Flourish Player is an embeddable Flash (SWF) audio player for web sites. It uses the XSPF playlist format to load one or more files in MP3 or another audio format supported by the flash player.

Why another Flash audio player?

Although there are a whole lot of free flash audio players, some free as in beer, some free as in freedom, plus an even bigger amount of tutorials how to build one, these all share one common thing: They require the Adobe Flash IDE. Flourish Player, in contrast, can be built using a fully open source toolchain consisting of Inkscape for graphics, swfmill to create the SWF files and MTASC to compile the ActionScript sourcecode.

Of course, Flourish Player itself is free and open source. It is licensed under the liberal (3-clause) BSD license, so you can use it in pretty much every way you can imagine — including but not limited to using it on commercial web sites.

Flourish Player is also quite customizable, more information is available in the Documentation Section.

Current version

The most recent version of Flourish Player is v0.02, released October 30, 2009. This version allows for basic customization of the player, but a recompilation is required for all customization to take effect.


In future versions, it might be possible to customize flourish player without recompiling. However, since this would require significant changes to the Flourish Player code, please do not wait for this to happen. If you need a customized player, try to compile it yourself. It is quite straight forward once you have installed SWFMill and MTASC.

Flourish Player is powered by:

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